Walking around ….

As the weather is getting warmer, I’m plaining to finish a job I started last year, it’s a commercial work done together with my friend Piergiorgio Castellani. It’s about walking around and exploring the country side of a small village named Ceppaiano, 

Well being, cordiality and friendliness bind our swelling breast;  that humanity which does not appear on the great stages of our envy, cruelty to others and selfishness, does appear in the mirror of nature in a purer light. A human being who is not degenerate will feel, as it were, overburdened when for a certain period he cannot turn to the natural world.

Karl Gottlob Schelle,

The art of going for walks

I’ll post more images as soon as I’ll spend more time walking around, honestly…it’s a nice job but not easy at all