My earliest professional experience dates from 1993 when I moved to Australia, as an assistant in advertising photography.

Returning to Italy a few years later, I chose to concentrate my attention on commercial photography and personal work.

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At the age of 16 I had the great good fortune, especially living in Italy, a country not widely known for big waves, of discovering the joy of surfing. From that moment forward was born a strong link with the sea that still today  profoundly influences my life choices, both professionally and personally.

The presence of the sea in my daily life represents something extremely important to me onto which I project fear, dreams, hope and receiving in return inner strength and mental clarity.


The choice of placing the sea centre stage in my life positively affects my personal work which, in truth, is born from this choice. In short, it is the place above all other places where I prefer to be.

In an entirely natural way, in my personal work there has evolved a current of romanticism, reflected above all others in my love of the work of J.W Turner. This does not surprise me as with the sea I co habit with the virtues of force, elegance and simplicity. I recognise the sea in front of me as my ancestral home, it’s force and vastness make me feel small and vulnerable, yet, at the same time, it indicates to me a pathway, an example to follow or even a point of arrival.


In Between

In commercial photography, I have specialised in sectors that are consonant to my way of being. Industrial photography, for example, has always interested me. I enjoy describing with my work, the productive processes of a business, right from metalworking and on all the way to food and drinks. The style that characterises my work is almost always that of the photo reporter, always leaving space for random surprises. This is an approach I also use to describe geographical areas and lifestyle and their inevitable connection.

Cortporate industrial photography at Cavatorta, Italy

Some of these commissions have become, with time, proper published books, for example: ‘Vino Italiano’ by Random House, ‘The Soul of Wine’, ‘Cavatorta 50th Year Anniversary’, ‘ The Land Of Tuscany – The Serchio Valley’, ‘Canada Gosse People’.

All of these are good examples of how I approach the subject matter in hand.


Lands of Tuscany, The Serchio Valley

As much as it may seem a little strange, there is another area that really fascinates me and that is Still Life. Dating back to my time as an assistant,  Still Life opened the photographic door for me. In my early professional years I even shunned it being entranced by the more romantic and instinctive idea of the image of the photographer. In the end I could not detach myself, so I began to study objects with an ever deeper eye, to search for an inner sense that could bridge both the surface simplicity and the initial perception.

In 2008, motivated by the desire to remain in close contact with the ocean, I decided to divide my time between Italy and Portugal.

fine art seascape photography. The atlantic ocean during a big swell in Portugal

Today, I principally divide my time between Tuscany, Lisbon and the southern coast of Portugal where frequently I take refuge in my motorhome hideaway in search of intimacy with the ocean.

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