Saturday Big swell

To photograph the big swell of last saturday I decided to go up north in Nazaré, a famous place for big waves.

Unfortunately when I got to the lighthouse which is the best place to take photos, the wind was so strong that I could not even stand up, no way to walk against it, the tide was also high and the waves were getting up to the light house.

I had to wait until 4 pm when the wind dropped a bit to get there. So not much time available as here it gets dark at 5.30 but at least I made it. When I got there the swell was already a bit smaller, but it was still an amazing panorama what I had in front of me.

I had a quick look at the ones I have been able to do and I may have a few, not many but I just need a couple of pictures that I really like, I took my risks and I did use the same tecnique I do in the water, I’m into this mood of going abstract and confused in these days and saturday afternoon at the light house

in Nazaré was really abstract and confused.

I’ll do a proper edit in the next days, I prefer to let them sit down a few days and then check them again.