Last images from Ceppaiano Project

As the deadline of this project is approaching, I called these two days I spent in the country side as the end of the all work.

The images of the project were born with a commercial purpose but as I had 100% freedom of choice, they turned for myself as a personal project at the same time; in fact, even if  the commercial project is now over, I’ll keep on follow this kind of images, may be changing places, may be going to beaches…

The all project has been done  for the launch of a new wine named “Ceppaiano” create  by the meeting of the visionary English wine expert  Simon Farr and Piergiorgio Castellani, both looking for a new way to tell the great tradition of Tuscan wine. These images are intended as a sort of an Eulogy to a Walk; stop, step back, look around and take your time this is the philosophy behind Ceppaiano.

Here are some of the images taken during the last two days. Once edited, I will publish the entire body of work.