In Between

This is my latest project, work is still in progress, but should reach completion by the end of 2011.  It is inspired, as previously, by a Romantic vision and most particularly by the final works of W. Turner.

‘In Between’ draws ever closer to the water and represents a natural progression from ‘Mare’ and ‘Intersections’.

Confusion and bewilderment instantly go hand in hand with the physical contact of the sea and being plunged into a new circumstance.  Clarity and definition are no more, shapes take on blurred edges.  We find ourselves in that ‘No Man’s Land’ known as ‘Shore Break’ where waves throw themselves, one on top of the other and the horizon is obscured by spray.

Ours is not panic, however, but a fleeting sense of confusion. We are not necessarily in a hostile place, but it is undoubtedly new and different.  We decide to submit to this new situation, not to fight it, but to find the courage to dig deeper and see beyond our confusion, beyond the waves and the spray, to new possible points of reference, maybe better than the previous ones, maybe not, but certainly different and synonymous with changes that are, at times, necessary.