Praia do Malhào

fine art seascape of a wave breaking along the Portoguese coast down  southLet’s try to keep the website updated, I have have quite a lot materials to upload into the projects sections but

I still need time to edit and even more, winter is not over yet and there are still a few chances to produce new photos.


    Nazaré February 2019


    Fine art seascape and abstract photo of a huge wave in Nazaré, Portugal

    New images taken in Nazarè are under editing right now

      A new serie is getting into shape

      I’ve been working at a new serie about plastic pollution in the ocean.

      I would say that the first part of the work is ready, just a few details and then I will publish it.

      It’s a new way for me of producing an artwork, its not straight photography with the addiction of some technique as

      some previous works but is more a mix of photography and  graphics design.

      It’s a kind of project that takes time, lots of research, lots of walk on the beach and then

      lot of time mixing all the element together.


      My art is moving towards an ideal sense of chaos, and it has been funny how I learned(hopefully i did a bit) to use shapes, words,

      scratches, to produce an artwork that wants to point the attention once again on the problem of plastic pollution.

      I believe these first ten images that I will publish soon, represent the first step, they have been done around home, in Portugal.

      Ideally, I would like to continue it, may be around Europe, and, ..mainly,

      I want to improve it, as  it opened some new doors in my mind,  new ways of constructing images that require different attitudes

      from the ones I’m used.