Sony WPA Exibition

Back from London where I had the chance to see the Sony WPA exibition, I saw some really nice interesting pictures and I came back very motivated. Even if I’ve been there only one day, I was very lucky to see Bruce Davidson talking about his exibition,

The quality of his pictures is well known, you look at his bw and you feel you want to use films again and even more, they tell you that great photography many times is just a simple image which expects from you the photographer, time and focus.  I was really touched by the serie about the Brooklyn gang ; I found some of them on the net at his gallery

Here is a quote from Magnum site:

“If I am looking for a story at all, it is in my relationship to the subject – the story that tells me, rather than that I tell.”

Congratulations to all the winners and to Alejandro Chaskielberg from Argentina winner of the Iris d’Or who did a great serie on the delta of Paranà, shooting everything at night with a 5×4 camera.