Nazaré 07th February

fine art black and white seascape of a huge wav e in Nazarè Portugal

    Malhào 13th march


    Praia do Malhào, 13th March
    This is definitely my last day of the winter, going back to Italy for a while after 3 months chasing waves.
    Since I discovered Portugal, almost 10 years ago, winter became my preferite season of the all year. More surf, more opportunity to take my photos as the ocean is bigger, almost no-one around,just friends..and mild temperatures.

      Praia do Malhào

      fine art abstract seascape taken in praia do Malhào PortugalI guess, for me, this is the last swell  this winter, it’s time to go to Italy for a while after 3 months here in Portugal. It’s quite  hard to properly call this “a winter”, it has been always warm and sunny, just a few big swell with a daily size easily surf able. I think if i wasn’t so motivated, it would have been a very unproductive winter. But, as i kept all my attention and energy here, just on this subject, it turned into the best winter i ever had in my career.

        Lost board, Nazaré 28th of February

        Fine art image of the atlantic ocean showing a surf board getting smashed by a huge wave in NAzaréD

          Nazaré 10th of february

          Fine art black and white image of a brazilan big wave surfer on a big wave in nazaré

          A Brazilian big wave rider in between huge waves on the 10th of february.In my opinion,  I think this is probably the best day of this winter.

            Wednesday in Nazaré

            classic fine art black and white seascape of a huge wave in Nazaré, Portugal