Nazaré, December 2016

fine arte abstract seascape photography of a misty day in Nazaré, Portugal

    Marina di Pisa, today 28th of April

    fine art abstract seascape of a wave in the mediterranean sea

      Another Nazaré heavy wave

      Fine art photo of a huge wave in Nazaré, Portugal

        Nazaré february 2017

        fine art seascape of the Atlantic ocean .image taken in Nazaré, Portugal during a big swell


          abstract fine art seascape of a new serie investigating the waves as a chaotic system

          Coming soon, a new work interpreting the waves turbolence as a chaotic system.



            Nazarè 22nd December 2016

            Fine art image of a surfer beaten by a giant wave in Nazarè during a huge swell along the Atlantic coast in PortugalA board flying over a giant wave.