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    Nazaré, Mare#17

    fine art black and white photo of a huge wave in Nazaré, Portugal during winter 2016


      fine art black and white abstract photo of the Atlantic ocean in south Portugal.

        An unexpected summer swell

        abstract fine art seascape photography of the Atlantic ocean in Portugal

          Intersections 2017 featured on

          fine art image of a seascape on the atlantic ocean featured on Fubiz

          Intersections 2017, featured on the main page of Fubiz.
          I’m glad they did, I have been a fan of Fubiz for quite a long time.

          all these images have been taken in Marina di Pisa, sometimes the mediterenean get really tough.

            Dark and Shade, Nazaré

            fine art seascape of the Atlantic ocean during a big swell in Nazaré, Portugal